Writing and Performing Manifestos

Manifestos make statements where a statement in an academic context cannot be made unreservedly. Manifestoes create rules where it is habitual not to need laws. Famous manifestoes, for example, dictate the actions of entire groups of artists, scientists or activists. (including the Communist Manifesto, the Futurist Manifesto, the Surrealist Manifesto, the Cyborg Manifesto, the Xenofeminism Manifesto, the 3D Additivist Manifesto, the Critical Engineering Manifesto…) Manifests are used to formulate commandments, generate a treatise based on an assertion, demonstrate a critique, display a phenomenon, provoke controversies, evoke exclusions and inclusions, exceed the conventions of analytical thought, and anticipate and manifest insights, not latently, but offensively. It is not relativized, but programmatically subjectified. Manifests are like algorithms. In the wilderness of the digital, you wish to dwell on a standardisation. To function. With discrete concepts they often vision a radical change. The spirit of the many, they unify – if necessarily even – in the application. We will write our own manifestos and test their publication. We will use the store space with its shop windows.


WS 2018/19 HfK Bremen

*text by Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick, translated from german by Irena Kukric

Prof.Dr. Andrea Sick/ Irena Kukric

Manifestos were performed at  Arbeitszimmer Thealit in Bremen on 23.02.2019