The performance installation ‘How To Walk On Water’ guides the audience through a virtual landscape. Without moving, we can walk in it, explore its crevices, let our fragmented thoughts float. We experience such moments of duality almost daily as we sit simultaneously in our rooms and wander through the virtual expanses of the Internet. But what does this simultaneity feel like when experienced collectively in a theater space, along with other humans and non-humans? 

Lured by its infinite possibilities, we quickly find ourselves in the algorithm-driven echo chambers of the Internet. The intimacy we might have sought here, ultimately, throws us back to ourselves. Unlike the physical space we inhabit, which we can measure, touch, smell, and taste, the space of the Internet draws us in, scrolls, scatters, gathers, and manipulates us. Here we can find anything. But what were we actually looking for?

Concept/artistic direction/stage design: Irena Kukric

Dramaturgy: Iva Brdar + Irena Kukric

Programming and electronics: Julian-Anthony Hespenheide, Peter Buczkowski

Sound design: Chang Park

Voice: Kate Chen

Production: Nadine Becker

Videography: Gabriela Valdespino

Photographs: Farzad Golghasemi

Based on a scene from the wikiHow manuals inspired play, “Tomorrow Is (For Now) Always Here” by Iva Brdar, translated by Ana Brdar (Performance rights Rowohlt Theater Verlag Hamburg)

Supported by Senator für Kultur Bremen + Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung

In cooperation with the Schwankhalle Bremen