No Longer, Not Yet

Set in the middle of the boat, separating the areas of the future and the past, as visitors move from one side to the other, the small space divided by curtains attempts to grasp the present moment. It stands as a space of ‘modalized present’ (past present, actual present: “now,” future present).  The audio, guides the visitor through a virtual landscape, exploring the duality of human presence in our physical space and the space of the internet. This is a space of virtuality, one that is never physically there, but is always in relation to what is no longer and not yet. The subtle movement of the curtains underlines this intangible moment of the present absence. 

No Longer, Not Yet is another rehearsal within an ongoing research Rehearsing with non-humans. 


Installation by Irena Kukric

Programming and electronics: Julian-Anthony Hespenheide

Part of the group exhibition “Halbe Halbe – Floating in, Swerving out, Doing Art and Theory”

Dauerwelle, Bremen, DE, 2022