window. starting points. 02

Starting points 02 is re-examining standards. Standard as a measurement. Standard as a structure. Structure such as an archive or a ceramic tile wall, a window, a dramatic text or the stage in theatre. Standard as a starting point. The necessity of creating a standard as a framework to situate and then bend it.

The measurement of the window is replicated in the space by a rope structure, that is then animated by 8 motors, creating a constantly changing structure. The sound is a live feed from the active motors in the room.


a constantly morphing structure

It is becoming increasingly clear that our will and motivation,

therefore our very survival, is solely related to connections with the other.

everything is a reaction to an action.

not only people are important in this relation

we are always part of a system.

As individuals, we exist more in the semblance,

in the certain cross-section that is visible in our body.

Every emotion or action is in one way or another about the other

and these relations change us.

We are not getting worse or better.

We are simply a constantly changing matter.

Everything is a parameter. Everything is a value.

These values change the structure.

They bend it more or less depending on the value.

a constantly changing structure.

a constantly changing structure.

it is only through connections that we realise our purpose,

that is, we realise that we must seek it.

Installation by Irena Kukrić

programming+electronics by Julian Hespenheide

supported by The Dynamic Archive + Thealit

images taken by Julian Hespenheide

Germany 2020